Internal Coating, Powerkote™ C-LUBE

Lubricant Coating

Internal Coating, Powerkote™ C-LUBE


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Lubricant Coating

Cermalube™ Ceramic Lubricant

CermaLube is a ceramic coating, designed to be used, on any rigid or semi-rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating, or oscillating friction. CermaLube is designed to carry loads in excess of 350,00 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1600f. CermaLube is a combination of a unique water-based ceramic resin and lubricating solids including, a ceramic lubricating frit. CermaLube combines the durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the ceramic lubricant. CermaLube works well in light-duty applications as well as in applications where high temperatures, high loads, and high speeds are experienced. When higher temperatures, than most other types of coatings, can provide protection, are experienced, CermaLube is fully capable of carrying the load. CermaLube is gray in color and acquires a glass-like finish in use. CermaLube is formulated to provide a cured film thickness of “.001” or less. CermaLube is a water-based material that contains no hazardous solvents.


o Maintains adhesion at base metal temperatures in excess of 1600f.


o  Survives cyclic heating and cooling.


o  Creates a hard, semi-rigid, ceramic-like finish that survives impact, as well as expansion and contraction without separating from the base metal.


o  Lubricating pigments are capable of carrying loads in excess of 350,000 PSI.


o  Resistant to most chemicals and acids while inhibiting oxidation.

CermaLube is a unique water-based system that cures at 350f for 1 hour, at temperature. Material cleans up easily before curing with water. A nonflammable system with no V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds) is compatible with today’s emphasis on environmentally friendly products. CermaLube may be used on all metals except magnesium.

APPLICATION: Sandblast all parts with 120 grit aluminum oxide. DO NOT USE GLASS BEAD. Clean metal using conventional cleaning methods, with acetone, lacquer thinner, or other similar non-petroleum-based solvents. When the surface is clean and dry, apply a thin even layer of coating using an airbrush, detailed touch-up gun, or other spray equipment that allows for the application of a thin film of approximately .001″ to .0015″. Avoid excessive build-up of material as this can lead to loss of adhesion. DO NOT APPLY A SECOND COAT AFTER THE COATING DRIES. The coating will normally air dry to the touch in a few minutes, cure at 350 f for 1 hour. CLEAN UP: Clean equipment with Water DANGER: Non-Flammable. HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION: Vapor is harmful. May cause eye irritation, burning sensation on the skin. If inhaled, may cause headache, dizziness, or nausea. Contains Acid. READ DATA SHEET AND M.S.D.S. BEFORE USING Danger: Do not breathe vapors or mists from spraying. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use adequate ventilation to maintain exposure levels below established exposure limits (see MSDS). If required wear an appropriate NIOSH-approved respirator with a paint prefilter.

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