Internal Coating, PowerKote™

Barrier Coating

Internal Coating, PowerKote™



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3oz, Quart

Barrier Coating

FOR USE ON: Turbo Charged Super Charged Nos2 Pistons Combustion Chambers Valves Stir and Shake before use All parts must be clean of all oils, dirt, or other debris. Blast lightly with 120 grit aluminum oxide at low pressure. Degrease with a nonpetroleum-based solvent. After STIRRING and shaking (mix in a blender) then apply the coating. Spray at an air pressure of about 60 psi through a fine nozzle ( 1mm or less). Allow drying to a gray/white finish. Bake at a minimum of 350f for 1 hour. Inspect part after curing for blisters, cracking or flaking. DO NOT ASSEMBLE IF DAMAGE VISIBLE Danger: Do not breathe vapors or mists from spraying. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use adequate ventilation to maintain exposure levels below established exposure limits (see MSDS). If required wear an appropriate NIOSH-approved respirator with a paint prefilter. DANGER: Contains aluminum powder and phosphate /chromic solution. Contact with soaps or strong alkalis may produce hydrogen gas causing fire or explosion hazards. DO NOT use water to extinguish the fire. FIRST AID: Skin- Flush with water. Eyes-Flush with plenty of water. IF SWALLOWED- Drink plenty of water and milk of magnesia and GET MEDICAL ATTENTION

CBX POWERKOTE (Cermet Coating Thermal barrier)

Designed for Performance engines running; Nitrous oxide, Supercharged, or Turbocharged. For all other applications use CBC2. Creates a hard surface specifically designed for engines running High volumes of fuel and/or high compression ratios.

  • Thermal barrier coating.
  • Reduces part temperature. Keeps heat in the combustion chamber longer through the power stroke.
  • Increase torque and H.P. Increase combustion chamber efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Water-based no hazardous fumes, nonflammable. Requires baking. Cures at 350f for 1 hour. Must be oven cured.

CBX datasheet cbx data sheet

CBX MSDS cbx msds

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –